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Ricky Byers is a winner in every aspect of life.
His biggest win was beating squamous cell carcinoma cancer... twice.

Ricky participated in the Lance Armstrong Foundation Tour of Hope; and worked to help others diagnosed with cancer secure needed financial support, as well as treatment. His dream is to be a role model for other cancer survivors, proving that where there is hope there is also accomplishment. That is why Ricky is the only two-time cancer survivor currently attempting to race in the ARCA and NASCAR Nationwide Series.

Our Vision is a race team dedicated to working with cancer patients and survivors, helping them reach their dreams and achieve all they can with hope. Through continued active participation in motorsports, Ricky Byers Racing represents a personal mission to raise both awareness of cancer and funds to help cancer patients with traveling and lodging expenses so they have an opportunity to pursue the best treatment options.

Racing For A Cure is a 501c nonā€profit organization started by Ricky Byers, a two-time cancer survivor with a passion for racing and helping others. All funds donated or won will go to those who Racing For A Cure was created for: cancer patients, survivors, and those who have lost loved ones from cancer.

"Racing for a Cure" written and recorded by Tim Dugger for Ricky Byers Racing.

A big thanks to our sponsors for all their help!
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