Racing For A Cure

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My diagnosis first began as "unofficial lupus." However I still began treatment with Plaquenil, Dicolofenac and Dexamethasone a steroid. For months I still had severe joint pain but we still had no confirmed diagnosis. About two months ago my joint pain was finally going down and I decided to try to start running again. (Before all this happened I was training for my first marathon) A month ago my rheumatologist took me off my steroids to get another round of blood work and see how my treatment was going. My knee remained feeling strong but my lower back pain and hip pain came back strong. I officially was diagnosed with mixed connective tissue disease a combination of connective tissue diseases (but mainly lupus ) and possible ankylosing spondylitis. I know I have bad and good days still ahead but after reading so many other profiles of people going through the same or similar diseases I am more inspired to continue running and raise awareness for these "silent diseases" that often go unnoticed. $.91 cents of every dollar goes to research! I also started a team for the Albany Last Run 5K on December 10th and would love for everyone and anyone to join me and help raise money to this great cause! You get a free T-shirt just for joining the team!
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