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I was diagnosed with AS after enlisting in the Air Force 15 years ago. At the time I assumed I would never be able to run again. I spent several years avoiding physical activity because i was worried that i would feel weak if I tried and failed. I was constantly comparing myself to stronger athletes and most often thinking to myself, "if I can't compete with them then there's no point in trying." It was those types of thoughts that led me down a dark path of self destruction. I hit rock bottom in 2013. Luckily, I was blessed to be surrounded by wonderful friends and family that helped me to see that even though AS would always be a part of me, it didn't have to define me. I began reversing some of the bad habits one by one. After being challenged to a push-up challenge to help raise awareness for Veteran Suicide in February 2016 I got a renewed appreciation for the benefits of exercise. By October I had entered my first ever 5K and my first ever Sprint Distance Triathlon. Now I am training for my next level of Triathlonsfor 2017. Living with AS has its challenges and being an endurance athlete with AS multiplies those challenges, but the reward I get for accomplishing my personal goals is well worth the struggle. I was so happy to join Racing For A Cure. Now when I do Triathlon and other endurance races, I am not only helping myself, but I am helping raise money for research that could help others like me. Also, I hope that my story will inspire someone else with this condition to get involved too. Thank you for reading my story and please take a moment to get involved by committing to an event or by sponsoring an athlete. Thank you from everyone suffering with AS.
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