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I've challenged myself to make a difference in my own personal health and fitness and the health and welfare of others by completing the Chicagoland Half Marathon Series 2016 and fundraising for the Arthritis National Research Foundation in the process. While I have not yet personally suffered from the effects of arthritis, I've seen how both osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis can negatively impact quality of life for many friends and family, including my hardworking dad. It's heartbreaking to witness the loss of mobility and function brought on by arthritis and I would be grateful for any and all support to help fight back against all forms of this painful disease. My hope is to raise funds for research to identify treatments, preventions, and potential cures for various forms of arthritis so that future generations hopefully don't have to suffer the painful and even debilitating effects of the disease. The Chicagoland Half Marathon Series consists of the Chicago Spring 13.1 on May 22 and the Chicago Half Marathon on September 25. It is my goal to raise $500 for the Arthritis National Research Foundation's Race for a Cure 2016 by the conclusion of the series on September 25. Thank you for your support!!!
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  • Laurie Markatos $25
  • $25
  • Roberta Hall $25
  • Tessa Silvestri $100
  • Brian James Likosar $50
  • Maureen Bird-Oberg $25
  • Samantha Potter $25
  • The Colemans $25
  • Anonymous $500
  • Dad and Mom $50
  • Brian Likosar $50
  • Anonymous $100


100% Raised of $ 1,000


Donor Comments

Laurie Markatos

Donation : $25

Go Kathryn!! So.proud of you!!

Donation : $25

Roberta Hall

Donation : $25

Good luck!

Tessa Silvestri

Donation : $100

Brian James Likosar

Donation : $50

Maureen Bird-Oberg

Donation : $25

Samantha Potter

Donation : $25

The Colemans

Donation : $25