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NEXT RACE: San Francisco North Face Endurance Challenge - Marathon Relay, December 5, 2015!

Ran the North Face Endurance Challenge in San Francisco California - Marathon Relay! December 6th, 2014

Hi guys! I have been pounding the pavement and flying along trails for Racing For A Cure since June of 2013 (and have raised $1220 to date!). Having had autoimmune arthritis since age 7, I have found so much encouragement, support, and wonderful friends in the Racing For A Cure team! Running has helped my overall health, actually improved my arthritis, and bolstered my mental ability to weather this tough disease. When the days are tough, RFC reminds me that every step I take is one step closer to a cure for us all. Please join me as I train for various runs throughout the year, that have the added benefit of getting me ready for my big life goal of climbing the frigid slopes of 20,320' Denali (Mt. McKinley). Thank you in advance for your support!

You can also support the Arthritis National Research Foundation by supporting my mountaineering dreams and putting Arthritis on The Summit. Join me!!
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  • Clarice Dickess $25
  • David Munro $25
  • Chelle $25
  • Candace Lerman $25
  • Kristen Brice $25
  • Chez D\'Errico $20
  • Jamie Church $50
  • Terez Humphrey $25
  • Kristy Bergstrom $25
  • Chelle $25


10.8% Raised of $ 2,500


Donor Comments

Clarice Dickess

Donation : $25

David Munro

Donation : $25

Do Well!


Donation : $25

Go Britt Go!

Candace Lerman

Donation : $25

For a fellow warrior! Keep up the good fight and never give up!

Kristen Brice

Donation : $25

Chez D\'Errico

Donation : $20

Go Britt

Jamie Church

Donation : $50

Best of luck britt x

Terez Humphrey

Donation : $25

Good Luck Britt! Sending positive vibes your way -Thank you for continuing the fight for all of us #rheum -ies!