Racing For A Cure

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Welcome to my page! I do not have arthritis, but after working in the pharmaceutical industry for 2.5 years on a treatment for systemic juvenile idiopathic arthritis, I have developed a passion for the disease state and hope a cure can be discovered quickly. On September 26, 2015, I will be participating in the Blerch 10K Run. Although the objective of the run is for fun and to get away from the lazy "blerch" that comes after us all to keep us from working out, I would like to participate in this run on behalf of the patients with SJIA that I learn and read about on a daily basis. These are children and adults that may go through days of being unable to walk due to the pain from their chronic illness. I hope to run to remind myself of the blessing I have to live a normal life and I hope to fundraise for arthritis research for those that have to live life in chronic pain due to SJIA. Thanks for any and all support!
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