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I've been living with Rheumatoid Disorder for 6 years. When I first diagnosed, it turned my life upside down and began to steal all the simple things I took for granted in my daily life. After several months I was fortunate to receive treatment that gave me relief but after 4 years that medication slowly stopped working and I spent almost a year in full agony from the symptoms of RD. That was the most difficult time of my life and I felt many times like "giving up" but I knew that there had to be hope for the future. The hope was found in a new medication thanks to research that has taken place in the past. Now I'm more determined that ever to find a cure and I need YOUR help! Please join me in my efforts! Thank you!!!!
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  • Charley $50
  • Paul Lonis $50
  • Sharon Howell $25
  • Cory the Corgi $50
  • Virginia $50
  • Mel, Mitzi, Chase $25
  • Anonymous $100
  • Sonia Dhodapkar $10
  • Bob Pattan $25
  • Suzette Stephens $20
  • Danny $150
  • Leah, Ty and TJ $10
  • Monica Scalero $50
  • Wishbone the JR $50
  • Alissa Xander $25
  • Monika $50
  • Celebrity Pooch, LLC -Sylvia $100
  • Celebrity Pooch, LLC -Sylvia $100
  • John L $25
  • Barbara $10
  • Rodriguez Family $25
  • Anonymous $100
  • Leandrea $50


115% Raised of $ 1,000


Donor Comments


Donation : $50

Go Mom!!!!

Paul Lonis

Donation : $50

Sharon Howell

Donation : $25

You are inspiring Lou!!! XXOO

Cory the Corgi

Donation : $50

I have personally seen Lou's struggle and she still had the will to help and inspire others. Let's help Lou with this worthy fundraiser.


Donation : $50

Go Lou - We love you!

Mel, Mitzi, Chase

Donation : $25

Lou - you are an inspiration to our family and to others. Never quit and continue to fight... Blessings...


Donation : $100

Sonia Dhodapkar

Donation : $10

So proud of you! Thank you for being so inspirational!