Anytime. Anywhere!

Racing For A Cure is a team of people around the world raising arthritis awareness and support toward finding a cure for arthritis. The Racing For A Cure team welcomes all abilities and activities! Walkers, runners, tri-athletes, cyclists, hikers, adaptive sports and swimmers! Join a team or start a team/event in your area!

By participating as a Racing For A Cure team member you’ll demonstrate your support for arthritis research. With no fundraising minimum to join there is no reason to not be on the team! Team members race all over the United States and the world, linked together by their commitment to arthritis research.

All funds raised through the Racing For A Cure team benefit the Arthritis National Research Foundation (ANRF). ANRF is the charity that funds research to find a cure for arthritis and related autoimmune diseases. 91 cents of every dollar raised is placed directly into research programs. The Arthritis National Research Foundation scientists are studying all forms of arthritis including but not limited to; osteoarthritis, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, juvenile arthritis, gout, ankylosing spondylitis and psoriatic arthritis.

Help support this exciting research by joining a campaign today!

Racing For A Cure Gear Fundraising Incentive

Want some more FREE Racing For A Cure gear!? Join a campaign and fundraise a minimum of $250, then contact us to let us know you hit your goal and we’ll send you a $25 to spend in the Cure Arthritis Shop as a thank you!

Entry Fee Reimbursement Program

Please note that there is NO fundraising requirement to join the team, but if you meet the minimum fundraising levels listed below you will be eligible to receive a thank you refund of your event entry fee. Once you hit your goal, contact us and we’ll be sure to reimburse you for your efforts to help #CureArthritis!

If your entry fee is:
Minimum to raise:
$1-$50 $500
$51-$100 $1,000
$101-$200 $2,000
$201-$300 $3,000
$301-$400 $4,000
$401-$500 $5,000
$501+ $10,000